4 Things You Need to Know About Embroidery

Do you know what embroidery is? It’s an art form and craft that involves stitching thread or yarn into shapes, patterns, or designs on fabric. Many people enjoy it as a hobby or for personalizing items.

Varsity Graphics and Awards has been helping customers create custom apparel and products since 1995. Custom embroidery is among our most popular services, so today, we’ll share four things you need to know about the art.

You Can Work by Hand or With a Machine

Traditionally, embroidery is done by hand with a needle. However, nowadays, machinery is more efficient. At Varsity Graphics and Awards, we prefer machine embroidery for our products because it’s faster and more precise. Using special software, our team digitizes our customers’ designs and transfers them to our embroidery machine via flash drive.

There Are Many Types of Stitches

As you read, embroidery involves stitching yarn or thread onto fabric. However, you should know many different types of stitches can be made. To name a few…

  • Running stitch
  • Satin stitch
  • French knot
  • Split stitch
  • Backstitch

Depending on what we’re embroidering, we’ll program our embroidery machines to use the appropriate stitch.

A collection of clorful thread used for embroidery

Almost Anything Can Be Embroidered

One of our favorite things about embroidery is that it can be done on virtually anything. From hats to sports team shirts, we embroider many items at Varsity Graphics and Awards. Company embroidered apparel, like business or polo shirts, is also popular with our customers.

It’s a Durable Way to Design

If you’re stuck between company apparel printing or embroidery, consider what type of item you want to be customized. Embroidery often lasts much longer than printed designs, so it’s practical for clothing that will be worn or washed frequently.

Are you looking for custom embroidery online? Check out Varsity Graphics and Awards and customize your apparel with embroidery today!