Ultimate Guide to Custom Promotional Products

Whether you have a small or a large company, promotional products could be an effective way to build your brand. You can distribute promotional products bearing your business slogan or logo during events as giveaways or as a thank you gift for customers who patronize your products.

Varsity Graphics & Awards provides a quick guide to help you choose promotional products that will make a lasting impact on customers.

Pile of unbranded pens that are going to be customized with a logo.

Tailor Giveaways for Your Target Market

Your promotional products should be something that your target market would use or place somewhere prominent in their home. If you are after young professionals, you can go for notebooks or pens with your logo. For children, it may be more effective to use small toys with your business logo.

Go For Customized Giveaways

When you’re giving products away as part of your marketing strategy, you want to add your company logo. Promotional products could serve as a reminder to the recipient that your business exists. It would also be free advertising if someone uses the promotional product in public to attract the attention of other potential customers.

Digital illustration of promotional products with fake company logo. Products include sheets of paper, pens, USB memory sticks, and business cards.

Partner With Top Brands

You can transform almost anything into a promotional item from bumper stickers to mugs to electronics to shirts and hoodies. Your options are endless, but shirts are among the top options for freebies. You can source shirts from top shirt brands to build good feelings between your company and the recipient. 

Find a Partner Who Understands Your Needs

Making the most of marketing costs is crucial for any business. When sourcing promotional products, you want to partner with a business that is willing to transform ideas into reality no matter how complex they are and work with your budget.

Promotional products help you build goodwill with clients, employees, partners, and the community. With the right marketing strategy, promotional products could be an effective way to attract more customers. 

When it comes to creating high-quality promotional products that represent your brand, you can’t go wrong with a trusted brand like Varsity Graphics & Awards. Get in touch with us today and start creating your own custom merch!